Alumni Response

Germany's presence in the European Union is a powerful force—their influence is everywhere. If you are interested in doing some kind of diplomatic work overseas, having knowledge of German is useful.

- Nicole Korth (B.A. German '08)

I ended up working with languages for 25+ years, but with computer programming languages. The skills I learned in analyzing German language and literature were vital skills in being a computer systems analyst and IT project manager. You learn never to take things at face value, to detect and clarify subtext, to question the ambiguous rather than assume, and that context and perspective DO matter.

- Helbe Perandi Korth

After nearly eight years as a district court magistrate, I was selected by the International Human Rights Law Group to work in Cambodia for two years as a senior legal advisor in the Cambodian Court Training Project. I actually worked with a German judge in Cambodia! In fact, I took some of my German textbooks with me just in case I worked with German professionals in our project, and they turned out to be quite valuable.

- District Court Judge Juanita Rice (B.A. German ’79) 18th Judicial District, Colorado



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