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Sherwood Cordier

Sherwood Cordier, Ph.D. 1963, published “Finland’s Armed Forces: Continuity and Change,” in the Summer 2005 issue of Scandinavian Review, 54-59. He gave a lecture on the peaceful development of Norwegian independence at the Scandinavian Interest Group’s celebration of Norway’s Centennial, in Kalamazoo, Michigan. In July 2006, Sherwood Cordier’s article on the Swedish Air Force, “Shield of Sweden,” appeared in Aviation History, 46-52.

Stanford Lehmberg

Stanford Lehmberg continues to enjoy living in Santa Fe. His recent publications include English Cathedrals: A History (London: Hambledon, 2005) and Churches for the Southwest: The Ecclesiastical Architecture of John Gaw Meem (New York: W.W. Norton, 2005). His textbook The Peoples of the British Isles continues to sell well in both American and English editions. He serves as a member of the board of the Santa Fe Concert Association and the library of St. John’s College and is frequently a substitute church organist.

Allan Spear

Allan Spear is a member of the Advisory board of the Steven J. Schochet Center for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies at the University.  Among the board’s functions is oversight of the Allan Spear lecture series, which was established six years ago at the time of Allan’s retirement.  This year’s Spear lecture was delivered in September by Faisal Alam, founder of Al-Fatiha Foundation for GLBT Muslims.

In March, Allan participated in a roundtable session for graduate students at the annual meeting of the Organization of American Historians in Minneapolis.  The title of the session was “Beyond the Pale: Alternative Careers for the Ph. D. in History”, and Allan’s role was to discuss careers for historians in politics.

Allan has been chosen to be one of the “Minnesota 150”—an exhibit at the Minnesota History Center to commemorate the sesquicentennial of Minnesota statehood in 2008.  The exhibit will feature 150 people, objects, and products representative of Minnesota’s 150 years.  The Minnesota Historical Society chose those to be featured from nominations made by the public.  Allan is currently working with MHS staff to design the display.  He will be joining such Minnesota icons as Hubert Humphrey, Bob Dylan, Prince, Spam, and the Greyhound bus.  The exhibit will open in October, 2007, and last for five years.

William Wright

Bill served as chair for the jury that awarded the R. John Rath Prize for the best article published in the Austrian History Yearbook during the first three years. In the last few years, he has written book reviews for the American Historical Review and the German Studies Review. He teaches courses in European and Austrian history and current affairs in the Adult Education Program for the Minneapolis Public School System.



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