Jonathan Rabb: German and Global Studies

Jonathan RabbWhen he was 16, Jonathan Rabb was awarded a scholarship to study in Papenberg, Germany. “It’s a very small town,” he says, “and I have an Afro! So there was a lot of culture shock. But in the end, I LOVED it. And I made a lot of friends.”

“When I got there, I spoke no German. But by the time I left, I spoke it perfectly.” Today, Rabb is completing a double major in German and global studies; his coursework here meets his diverse interests. “I took a class called the Black Diaspora in Europe. It’s about immigration in Germany, France, and Scandinavia.”

Rabb is currently a board member of the Black Student Union. He is also active in My Brother’s Keeper, a support group for African-American men. In the future, Rabb hopes to put his German language skills to use in the U.S. Foreign Service: “I want to work for the State Department and be an ambassador.”

Rabb likes to brush-up on his foreign language skills by watching lots of German films. “I like German music, too, so I’m studying German hip-hop. The German hip-hop scene is actually very big. A lot of people don’t realize that.”



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