Kellie Holler: German and Dutch

Kellie HollerA former volunteer at the Whole Music Club on campus, Kellie Holler combined an interest in languages with her love of music. “I wrote my B.A. thesis on rock music in East Germany,” she says. “The night life in Berlin was the best I have ever experienced! In fact, it was sometimes difficult to study there, because there is always something amazing going on.”

After completing her B.A. in German studies, Holler studied in Reykjavík. “I have always been a big fan of Icelandic music,” Holler explains. “Therefore, I became interested in the language. Sigur Rós and Björk were the first bands to motivate me to explore Icelandic culture.”

Holler credits GSD for preparing her to live overseas. “My Dutch instructor was very much responsible for where I am today. She not only convinced me to take Dutch after a month-long seminar in Amsterdam, but to also look into a master’s program in the Netherlands.”

Now a graduate student at Rijksuniversiteit, Holler is completing her M.A. in applied linguistics and foreign language teaching.

“My dream is to design and teach programs similar to the ones I experienced in the Faroe Islands and Iceland. I want others to experience the life changing impact of studying abroad.”



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