Recently Awarded Ph.D.’s

Ellen F. Arnold, “Environment and the Shaping of Monastic Identity: Stavelot- Malmedy and the Medieval Ardennes.”

Nikki Berg Burin, “A Regency of Women: Female Plantation Management in the Old South.”

Sarah L. Crabtree, “A Holy Nation: The Quaker Itinerant Ministry in an Age of Revolution, 1750-1820.”

Gregory I. Halfond, “The Archaeology of Frankish Church Councils: 511-768.”

Donald Leech, “Community of Town and Country: Social Class and Property in the Borough of Coventry, 1350-1525.”

Erich D. Lippman, “Secularism and its Discontents: Religion and Modernity through the Eyes of Maxim Gorky and Vasily Rozanov.”

Elizabeth Lorenz-Meyer, “Gender, Ethnicity and Space: Jews in Minneapolis and St. Paul, 1900-1930.”

Cassandra L. Lucas, “Rape, Race, and Redemption: A Northern Translation of the Southern Script in the 1920 Duluth Lynching.”

Matthew L. Miller, “American Philanthropy among Russians: The Work of the YMCA, 1900-1940.”

Troy Osborne, “Saints into Citizens: Mennonite Discipline, Social Control, and Religious Toleration in the Dutch Golden Age.”

David M. Perry, “‘Mirabilia in mari veniendo’: Venice, Stolen Relics, and the Aftermath of the Fourth Crusade.”

Evan W. Roberts, “Her Real Sphere? Married Women’s Labor Force Participation in the United States, 1860-1940.”

Andrea D. Robertson, “Enemies Incarnate: Religion, Sex, Violence and Contests for Power in New England, 1636-1638.”

Thomas J. Sabatini, “A Nation Made of Steel: The Remaking of the White Republic in Ohio’s Mahoning Valley, 1915-1942.”



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