There Comes a Moment

GSD studentsThere comes a moment in your college career when you are forced to answer the question: What are you planning to do with that major?! If you’ve mastered a second language, the answer is easy.

From the bustling financial centers of Zürich and Frankfurt, to the pounding nightclubs of Berlin, there are plenty of opportunities for those who wish to work or study overseas. In today’s global economy, bilingual workers are in high demand.

The face of Europe is changing. Yet all too often, foreign language classes are still stuck in the past. Not so at the University of Minnesota!

Where else can you study Old Norse literature and German detective novels? Or learn about feminist theory, film criticism, and the history of German terrorism? If you thought that German civilization and culture meant a bunch of old men dancing around in lederhosen, you’re in for a surprise.

There is no “typical” GSD student. Our graduates have gone on to pursue careers in such disparate fields as television, banking, global marketing, filmmaking, and computer programming. Whether your interests lie in business, medicine, politics, or the arts, our renowned faculty will give you the knowledge and the skills to venture forth in the world and land that future job.

Take a look through this brochure to get to know some of our current and former students, and find out what the department of German, Scandinavian, and Dutch is all about!



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