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Training tomorrow's journalists today

Logan Aimone.jpgStorytelling isn't dead. Spend some time at the National Scholastic Press Association's high school journalism convention and you'll find that to be true.

by Jen Keavy

irishGeorged.jpgSJMC director Albert Tims presented the 2008 Ralph D. Casey/Minnesota Award to Hearst Corporation executive George B. Irish during the Inland Press Association's annual meeting, held Oct. 28, 2008, in Chicago.

by Jen Keavy

Sounds of Silence

soundOfSilence.jpgDiane Willow opens up the auditory riches of the "seemingly silent."

Long Live Journalism

Journalism faculty Kathleen Hansen, Nora Paul, and John Eighmey work with Minnesota news organization to figure out the future.

Major Awards

Supporting History

In Memoriam

Paul W. Bamford, a long-time member of the History faculty, passed away on August 22, 2007 at the age of 85.

Q&A with Prof. John Howe

New Faculty

Of Science and Stories: Maureen Lowe

By Emily Johns

Weighing the Evidence: Allen Oleisky

By Emily Johns

Cultural Kaleidoscope: Caesar Farah

By Kate Tyler
Writing on a laptop computer in the dining room of his suburban Minneapolis home, Middle East historian Caesar Farah sometimes finds his glance wandering to the curved dagger adorning a wall near the window. Sheathed in wood and crisscrossed with a woven brocade belt, the sword is a janbiyi, a traditional dagger worn by Yemeni men for centuries. It's rarely used as a weapon today, Farah notes. But for him it is an evocative reminder of the complex and often violent history of the Middle East, where ethno-religious conflict and epic struggles over oil, land, and power have pushed the region--and the entire world--to the dagger's edge of catastrophe.

Riding the Waves of Change: Sara Evans

By Kate Tyler
As historian Sara Evans boxes up a lifetime of work on American social change, it's hard to imagine a better backdrop than the history-making presidential runs of Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama.

A City Receives a Monarch

By Luis X. Morera

The Contradictions of Historical Justice

By Lisa Blee

A Sense of Place: Minnesota Past & Present

One hundred fifty years ago on May 11, 1858, the Territory of Minnesota joined the Union as the 32nd state. Since then, Minnesotans have been leaving their mark on the region and the nation.

View from the Chair



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