Long Live Journalism

Journalism faculty Kathleen Hansen, Nora Paul, and John Eighmey work with Minnesota news organization to figure out the future.
Kathleen Hansen and Nora Paul
SJMC faculty Kathleen Hansen (right) and Nora Paul along with Mithun chair of advertising John Eighmey will work with the news and ad sales staffs at the Duluth News Tribune and the Pioneer Press to provide training for Newspaper Guild-represented employees.

The University of Minnesota School of Journalism and Mass Communication is using a $238,000 grant from the Minnesota Job Skills Program to help the staffs at the Duluth News Tribune and the St. Paul Pioneer Press newspapers adapt to and thrive in an increasingly Internet-based industry. "The intention of this grant is to help the workforce in these news organizations figure out what journalism is going to look like going forward," says Kathleen Hansen, director of the University's Minnesota Journalism Center. "The print product is not going to exist in its current form for very much longer. We see this happening all over the country, news organizations shutting down or printing only three days a week."

But Hansen emphasizes that the project is not about saving a particular newspaper. "It's about making sure that communities still have vibrant, well-financed journalism. A particular channel of delivery is going through a lot of changes, but journalism is more important than ever...This isn't the school of newspapers, it's the school of journalism." ---Pauline Oo

Originally published in the
May-June 2009 issue of MINNESOTA magazine



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