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SJMC UNDERGRADUATES WON A NUMBER OF IMPRESSIVE AWARDS during the 2008-09 academic year, including a Scripps Howard "Top Ten" Scholarship, first place in the National Student Advertising Competition regional competition, several Hearst Awards finalist honors, 15 Society of Professional Journalists Mark of Excellence Awards--two of which were first-place awards for The Minnesota Daily--a Sevareid Award from the Northwest Broadcast News Association as well as four College Emmy nominations and one College Emmy Award.

A complete list of 2008-09 SJMC student awards follows:

Uwire "Best and Brightest" Top 100 Student Journalists

  • McKenna Ewen
  • Jake Grovum

2008 Scripps Howard Foundation "Top Ten" Scholarship

  • Vadim Lavrusik

2009 Chips Quinn Scholar

  • Emma Carew

2008 Associated Collegiate Press Awards

  • Emma Carew, First Place, Story of the Year
  • Jake Grovum, Second Place, Story of the Year
  • Matt Mead, First, Second and Third Place, Photo Excellence

Region 6 Society of Professional Journalists Mark of Excellence Awards

  • The Minnesota Daily Staff, First Place, Best All-Around Daily Student Newspaper
  • The Minnesota Daily Editorial Board, First Place, Editorial Writing
  • Sarah Ellen Boden, First Place, Radio News Reporting, and Third Place, Radio Feature
  • Jon Collins, First Place, Feature Writing
  • Jon Collins, Alex Ebert, Jake Grovum and Karlee Weinmann, First Place, Breaking News Reporting
  • Jon Collins and Karlee Weinmann, Second Place, Feature Writing, and Third Place, In-Depth Reporting
  • McKenna Ewen, First Place, Spot News, Internet Reporting and Second Place, Television Breaking News Reporting
  • Jake Grovum, First Place, General News Reporting and Sports Writing
  • Brett Gustafson, Third Place, Editorial Cartooning
  • Keith Hovis, First Place, Online News Reporting
  • Marc LaNave, Second Place, Radio Sports Reporting
  • Alex Mannix, First Place, In-Depth Reporting

2008 Asian American Journalists Association Minnesota Spotlight Awards

  • Briana Bierschbach, First Place, News
  • Katie Broadwell, Third Place, News
  • Alex Ebert, Second Place, Features
  • Ibrahim Hirsi, Second Place, News
  • Keith Hovis, First Place, Features
  • Josh Katzenstein, Third Place, Features

2009 Hearst Journalism Awards Finalists

  • McKenna Ewen, Eighth Place, Multimedia, and Ninth Place, Broadcast (Television)
  • Stephen Maturen, First Place, Photojournalism
  • Matt Mead, Eighth Place, Photojournalism

National Television Academy Upper Midwest 2008 College Emmy Winner -- Multimedia

  • McKenna Ewen

2008 College Emmy Nominees

  • Madeleine Martino Fox
  • Alyssa Kroeten
  • Steve Kuzj
  • Boua Xiong

Northwest Broadcast News Association Sevareid Award

  • Craig Kalhagen

District 8 National Student Advertising Compeition Champions

  • Jake Achterhoff
  • Steph Bakkum
  • Rochelle Berentson
  • Brian Bernier
  • Kellie Coit
  • Daniel Davis
  • Alex DeNuccio
  • Alyssa Diamond
  • Sarah Donovan
  • Jessi Eikos
  • Sarah Eslyn
  • Abby Faust
  • Susan Garcia
  • Michelle Gross
  • Jim Hagen
  • Tanner Hall
  • Hillary Heinz
  • Becky Hirn
  • Alicia Houselog
  • Robyn Kennedy
  • Erin Lamberty
  • Jeanine Lilke
  • Olga Lobasenko
  • Corinne Long
  • Russell Mantione
  • Joe Mischo
  • Christina Newman
  • Shaina Novotny
  • Danielle Ouellette
  • Sarah Poluha
  • Alex Regner
  • Lauren Sudbrink

Honors student and spring graduate Sarah Arendt and her honors thesis adviser Amy Kristin Sanders will present their research, titled "Bloggers as Limited-Purpose Public Figures: New Standards for a New Media Platform," at the 2009 Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication's national conference in Boston this summer. Arendt began the research as a part of Jour 5552 Law of Internet Speech to fulfill the graduation requirements for summa cum laude honors.

Krystal Bradford, a junior in the SJMC, is an intern at Young & Rubicam in New York City this summer.

Senior Emma Carew has been selected for a summer internship with The Washington Post. Carew also has been accepted into the Chips Quinn Scholars program.

Two SJMC students, Allison Dent and Danielle Schumann, received a 2008 Minnesota PRSA Student Classics Award for a fund-raising brochure they created in Debra Kelley's Jour 3321, Basic Media Graphics course. The project was part of a class assignment to create a brochure and Web site design for Students Today Leaders Forever, a nonprofit group that was founded by University of Minnesota students. Dent and Schumann won the special purpose publication category.

Senior Jake Grovum received a Pulliam Fellowship at The Indianapolis Star this summer.

Senior Alyssa Kroeten worked as an intern for CBS during the Republican National Convention in St. Paul in September 2008. She received the opportunity through her spring semester internship at WCCO Radio, where she had already gained practical experience related to both of her majors--political science and journalism. Kroeten was a member of the spring 2009 class of The Politics & Journalism Semester at The Washington Center for Politics & Journalism. She spent the semester as an intern at Bloomberg News. The Politics & Journalism Semester is a nonpartisan, nonideological program designed to teach the next generation of political reporters about politics.

This spring, 12 undergraduate and graduate students were inducted into Kappa Tau Alpha, the national journalism and mass communication college honor society. Kappa Tau Alpha recognizes academic excellence and promotes scholarship in journalism and mass communication. Membership is earned by excellence in academic work. The 2009 inductees are: Hilary K. Dickinson, Anna C. Farrell, Gabriella Ferroni, Alyssa Lin Good, Michelle Lynn Gross, Ashley Marie Halbach, Matthew Knutson, Travis David Roznos, Danielle N. Schumann, Wonsun Shin, Katarina B. Vaughn and Olga Zakharenko.



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