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Chris Kamerbeek publishes the article "Appearing Acts: Celebrity, Biography, and Henry James's Ghosts of the 1890s" in the Fall 2009 special issue ("Fame/Infamy") of the M/MLA Journal.

Chang-Hee Kim presented her paper in the Association for Asian American Studies Conference, held in Honolulu. Her paper title is "Traumatic Diversities: on Lois-Ann Yamanaka's Blu's Hanging."

Anne Roth-Reinhardt presented "False Heels and (Mis)representation: Melville's Israel Potter" at the MnCUEW Conference (April, 2009) "Across Borders: Assessment, Accountability, and Scholarship in Literature, Composition, and Creative Writing." She will present "Raveling Revolution: Homespun myth and material in Israel Potter" at the NEASECS Conference "1759: Making and Unmaking Empires" (November, 2009).

Jewon Woo presented her paper "Transatlantic Abolitionism: The National Anti-slavery Bazaar at Boston" at the 2009 Symbiosis Conference: "Boston and the New Atlantic World" in June, 2009. She published her translation of Denean Sharpley-Whiting's Frantz Fanon: Conflicts and Feminisms last fall in Korea.

Graduate School Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships for 2009-10:

Sara Cohen, Molly Kelley Gage, Kevin Riordan, and Sharin' Schroeder

Graduate School Thesis Research Grants:

Amy Griffiths, Nicholas Hengen, and Laura Zebuhr

Graduate Research Partnership Program Fellowships:
Sara Cohen, Molly Kelley Gage, Eun Joo Kim, Joshua Mabie, Edward McPherson, Joshua Morsell, Joshua Ostergaard, Kevin Riordan, Maurits Van Bever Donker, Jewon Woo, and a DOVE GRPP to Davu Seru

The first Garner-McNaron-Sprengnether Fellowship for summer research:

Renee DeLong

The Ruth Drake Fellowship:
Anne Roth-Reinhardt

2009 Samuel Holt Monk Memorial Prize for Published Scholarship:
Emily Anderson

Graduate School's Leonard Film Fellowship:
Adam Shrag

Audrey Christensen English Library Acquisition Prize:

Sunyoung Ahn and Gregory Murray



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