Silha Center Joins Advisory Council of The Cornerstone Project

In January 2001, the Silha Center joined the Advisory Council of The Cornerstone Project. Located in Washington, D.C., The Cornerstone Project is a three-year public education campaign sponsored by the Media Institute. The focus of the Project is celebration of the First Amendment, and to bring awareness of the First Amendment to all Americans. The Project consists of three elements: media relations and promotion, education and public service announcements. According to Richard Kaplar of the Media Institute, "Every American has a stake in the First Amendment, and the independence of America is critical for free speech and media choice."

As a member of The Cornerstone Project's Advisory Council, the Silha Center will offer advice and counsel to the group.

For additional information on The Cornerstone Project, visit their website at or link to it through the Silha Center's website at



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