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Letter from the Director

timAlbert.jpgHardly a day passes when I'm not asked about the financial health of the School and the University. The uncertainty accompanying looming budget cuts seems to be on everyone's mind. President Robert Bruininks framed the budget climate in the starkest of terms: "The University currently faces a near-perfect storm--a severe economic recession with no evident policy solutions in sight, rising costs in several areas of the budget and growing resistance to tuition increases." 

Dance Writing Feet First

danceSmall.jpgWelcome to Jour 4171, Covering the Arts: Dance Writing Demystified. We're in studio five, Northrop Memorial Auditorium, where Judith Brin Ingber is helping 13 aspiring dance critics to understand--from the floor up--how Martha Graham reinvented modern dance in the '30s.
By Dan Sullivan

An initiative with a transformative impact

stratcommCM.jpgStrategic Communication M.A. program celebrates five years
It was 1997 and University of Minnesota leadership anticipated the seismic shift in communications, targeting new media as one of five academic initiatives for institutional investment.
By Jen Keavy

Back to Their Roots

SJMC alumni and brothers Steve and Greg Gordon share their memories of Murphy Hall

gordon_familySM.jpgGrowing up in Albert Lea, Minn., Steve (B.A.'70) and Greg (B.A.'73) Gordon seemed to be surrounded by writers and writing. Their mother, Maureen (or "Skippy," as she was affectionately called) and father, Bert, a small-business owner, both loved to write and encouraged their sons' passion for writing. Not to mention, at one time in their small-town neighborhood, there were three kids living within two blocks of each other who would later work for the Star Tribune: Neal Gendler, Karen Winegar and Greg.
By Jen Keavy

From the Academy to the Field

Faculty explore timely issues with practical applications

sanders_theilsternSM.jpgHow much might a broadcaster expect to pay in fines if a program includes indecent content that generates public complaints to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)? What is the connection between public officials' speeches denouncing the popularity of dance halls among adolescent girls in the early 1900s and today's media coverage criticizing the ways girls use Facebook and MySpace? Two junior faculty are engaging in research that explores these timely issues.
By Jen Keavy

Student Voices

Recipe for Success

Recent grad turns passion for food into career

melinda-spamsm.jpgWhile many college students live off of ramen noodles and mac and cheese, that wasn't the case for recent grad Melinda Feucht (B.A. '09). From the classroom to the kitchen, Feucht is proving that the recipe for success is as simple as turning your passion into a career.

By Hillary Kline

Leading the Industry

Indiana publisher Scott Schurz receives 2009 Casey Award

schurz_wifeSM.jpgSJMC director Albert Tims presented the 2009 Ralph D. Casey/Minnesota Award to Scott C. Schurz of Schurz Communications Inc. during the Inland Press Association's annual meeting, held Oct. 27, 2009, in Chicago.
By Jen Keavy

All Hands on Press

Pioneer Press practicum celebrates 10 years of real-life journalism lessons

piopressSM.jpgA decade ago, six SJMC students walked into the offices of the Pioneer Press in St. Paul, Minn. to begin an advanced reporting class with an innovative approach: Assign the students to reporting teams, and teach the class right in the newsroom.

INMS research initiatives update

Minnesota Job Skills Partnership Grant
By Nora Paul

Edward R. Murrow Program journalists meet with Twin Cities media
By Sarah Saubert

Lewis delivers 24th annual lecture
By Ruth DeFoster and Jacob Parsley

Building the Alumni Network from the Ground up

By Michelle (Kibiger) Fure, President


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