Building the Alumni Network from the Ground up

By Michelle (Kibiger) Fure, President

On the radio the other day, one of the hosts commented about how much technology has changed our everyday interactions with one another. Whether we're texting, tweeting, updating our status on Facebook or listening to music on an iPod, we're using technologies that were largely unavailable as recently as a decade ago.

Services like LinkedIn and Facebook have provided great tools to reconnect with alumni from The Minnesota Daily. Dozens of former Dailyites have joined the social networking groups we have established in the past couple years.

But we know we aren't reaching most of you.

There are many explanations, both reasonable and otherwise, but the fact remains the same--we can't connect with people we can't contact. Over the past couple of years, we've been trying to rebuild our contact list. We have a very limited list of e-mail addresses and a mailing list that has a high percentage of outdated information.

If you've worked for the Daily, you're a member of the Minnesota Daily Alumni Association. We need to hear from you. For now, we must collect this information the old-fashioned way--send us an e-mail at with your contact information, including when you worked at the Daily and what department you worked in. Also, let us know activities you're most interested in--networking events, mentorship opportunities or fund raising for scholarships and for alumni outreach.

Also, join our LinkedIn and Facebook groups, and look for additional information on the alumni Web site,

Our goal is to help you stay connected and involved with the Daily as appropriate for your interests and schedule. Students at the Daily need the support of this alumni network more than ever.

Over the past year, we've revived the one-on-one mentorship program with Daily alumni, and we've partnered with the Daily to provide monthly alumni lunch events, featuring topics such as social media, covering a beat, copywriting and marketing Daily experience. We're also connecting Daily staff with alumni outside Minnesota who share their interests. Let us know if you're interested in being a mentor for a Daily staffer or participating in the lunchtime seminars.

We'll be announcing the date for the spring alumni/student event very soon. Look for more details on the alumni Web site or through our LinkedIn and Facebook groups. If you're interested in sponsoring this event through your business or as an individual, contact me at Also, we're looking for nominations for the Minnesota Daily Hall of Distinction, the Harrison Salisbury Annual Achievement Award and the George Hage/Mitch Charnley Award of Excellence--recipients of these awards are announced at the spring event each year.

We're grateful to those of you who have donated to the Daily scholarship funds over the past year. We continue to provide four $1,000 scholarships annually to outstanding business and editorial employees at the Daily. You can also donate to support Daily alumni association outreach efforts. Contact me if you'd like more information or if you have an idea for a fund-raiser.

Please send us your ideas and information. We look forward to connecting with you in 2010!



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