Keeping the U Healthy

You already know CLA and the U. You know that we proudly provide a 21st century education for thousands of Minnesotans, and we also make ground-breaking discoveries that improve peoples' lives. Not only are we a creator of highly-trained workers, but we also bring in nearly $1 billion in research grants that stimulate our state's economy.

Now how do we spread the word?

This month's election resulted in 60 new legislators being elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives and Senate, one of the largest freshman classes in recent history. Chances are they are not as familiar as you are with all of the great things that the University of Minnesota and CLA do.

We need you to help us share University of Minnesota stories with our newly elected legislators. Sign up for our Legislative Network now, and you will be prompted to send occasional, time-sensitive messages to your elected officials telling them about how you support the U and that you want them to as well. It only takes about one minute to sign up, and maybe less than that to send a message while the Legislature is in session beginning in January.

The College of Liberal Arts and the U depend on the Minnesota Legislature to support our dual public education and research mission. And we depend on alumni like you to help us make our case.



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