Dissertations Awarded 2009-10

Lamiya Almas, "The Women of the Early Modern Turk and Moor Plays." (Adviser: Watkins)

Aaron Bruenger, "A Middle-of-the-Road Peace Movement: Ethos and the Practical Pacifists." (Adviser: Ross)

Madhurima Chakraborty, "Liberative Ideology and Post-colonial Writing." (Adviser: Brennan) Assistant Professor, Columbia College, Chicago.

Lauren Curtright, "Modernism and the Politics of Gothic Adaptation." (Adviser: Rabinowitz). Awarded the Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellowship at Georgia Tech 2010-13.

Abigail Davis, "From Hawthorne to History: The Mythologizing of John Endecott." (Adviser: Griffin)

Stephen Healey, "The Rise of Creative Writing and the New Value of Creativity." (Advisers: Damon and Augst) Tenure track at Minneapolis Community and Technical College.

Kathleen Howard, "The Word Made Flesh: The Perception of Holiness in the Texts of Late Medieval and Early Modern Holy Women in England." (Adviser: Krug) Awarded an ACLS Postdoctoral Fellowship. Visiting Assistant Professor at SUNY Stony Brook from 2010­-12.

Elizabeth Hutter, "Suspended in Uncertainty: Drowning in Antebellum America." (Advisers: Crain & Scandura)

Elizabeth Ketner, "Memory, Monarchy, and Identity on the 'Scepter'd Isle': Constructing Identity Through Historical Fiction in Renaissance England and France." (Adviser: Watkins) Assistant Professor, SUNY Plattsburgh.

Chang-hee Kim, "The fantasy of Asian America: Identity, Ideology, and Desire." (Adviser: Lee) Postdoc at Yonsei University.

Jennifer Miller, "From Water Margins to Borderlands: Negotiating Boundaries and the Fantastic in Fantasy, Native American, and Asian American Literatures." (Adviser: Treuer) Awarded two-year Lilly Postdoctoral Fellowship at Valparaiso University.

Gregory Murray, "A Performative Study of Playfulness in Zora Neale Hurston, Langston Hughes, Frank O'Hara, and Elizabeth Bishop." (Adviser: Damon) Tenure track at Georgia Perimeter College.

Julia Musha, "The Other Europe: Locating Albania in Contemporary European Discourse." (Adviser: Mowitt)

Becky Peterson, "Experimentation, Identification, Ornamentation: Avant-garde Women Artists and Modernism's Exceptional Objects." (Adviser: Rabinowitz) Adjunct at University of New Mexico.

Nicholas Robinette, "Free Realist Style: Epistemology, Form and the Novel, 1909-1954." (Adviser: Brennan) Visiting assistant professor at Oberlin College.

Stoyan Tchaprazov, "The Eastern Question, Western Europe, and the Balkans in Fin-de-Siècle Literature." (Adviser: Elfenbein) Adjunct at Drake University, Des Moines.

Elizabeth Weixel, "The Forest and Social Change in Early Modern English Literature, 1590-1700." (Adviser: Watkins) Assistant Professor, Western Kentucky University.



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