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Graduate School Dissertation Fellowships: Nicholas Hengen, "Texts as Tactics: A Literary Critical Politics" (Adviser Timothy Brennan); Lucia Pawlowski, "High Theory, the Teaching of Writing, and the Crisis of the University" (Adviser Geoff Sirc); Lisa Trochman, "Fatal Femmes: Noir Anxiety and the Woman Criminal" (Adviser Paula Rabinowitz); Adam Schrag, "Surface to Surface: War, Image and the Senses in the Screenic Era" (Adviser Paula Rabinowitz)

Graduate Research Partnership Program Fellowships: Emily Anderson, "Monsters Without Voices: The Creation and Uses of Fear in Silent Horror Film" (Sponsor Lois Cucullu); Lelaine Bonine, "For the Love of Film: In Search of Hitchcock on the Secular Pilgrimage" (Sponsor Jani Scandura); Nicholas Hengen, "Weapons in the War: The U.S. Military's Literary Regime During World War II" (Sponsor Paula Rabinowitz); Eunha Na, "Ritual in Contemporary Theater: A Global Perspective on African American and Korean Theatres" (Sponsor Josephine Lee)

Samuel Holt Monk Prize for Published Scholarship: Chris Kamerbeek, "Appearing Acts: Celebrity, Biography and Henry James's Ghosts of the 1890s," The Journal of the Midwest Modern Language Association, 42:2 (2009) (Adviser Paula Rabinowitz)

Jay and Rose Phillips Fellowship: Davu Seru

Ruth Drake Dissertation Fellowship: Ryan Cox, "Premonition of a Future Line We Will Be Writing: Politics, Language, and Identity in English Canadian Experimental Poetry" (Adviser Paula Rabinowitz)

Outstanding Graduate Instructor Award from the Department of Writing Studies: Elisabeth Hansen and Patricia Zanski

Erik Carlson, a fourth-year PhD student in English won the John Leyerle-CARA Prize for Dissertation Research.

Molly Kelley Gage won a PEO Scholar Award. She has an article forthcoming in Digital Humanities Quarterly.

Anne Roth-Reinhardt was awarded a Jay T. Last Fellowship through the American Antiquarian Society. She presented "Pirate or Patriot? Representation of John Paul Jones in Melville's Israel Potter" at the CHAVic Seminar of the American Antiquarian Society. She and Elizabeth Hutter (PhD 2010) will co-chair a roundtable at the Society of Early Americanists' Seventh Biennial Conference in March of 2011.



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