Scholarship Awards

CLA Selmer Birkelo Scholarship: Leesha Plante

Captain DeWitt Jennings Payne Scholarship: Sara Homes and Kendra Speedling

Donald V. Hawkins Scholarship: Leah Hickey, Heather McRae, Eric Murphy, and Lauren Scheller

Anna Augusta von Helmholtz Phelan Scholarship: Molly Chester

Moses Marston Scholarship: Elizabeth Russell

Robert E. Moore Scholarship: Erin Raffensperger (for senior year) and Kevin Curran (for junior year)

Martin B. Ruud Scholarship: Kevin Curran, Amy Durmaskin, Asha Van Krevelen, and Delaine Wendling

Sharon L. Borine Award: Naomi Ko

Joan C. Forester Scholarship: Alexandra Vujovich

Joanne Carlson Award: Amy Durmaskin

Beverly Atkinson Scholarship for Non-Traditional English Majors: Abdiasis Hirsi

Mark David Clawson Thesis Awards: Zachary Jones and Larisa Garski

Paul & Lucienne Taylor Internship Grants: Kate Carpenter and Erin Flannery



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