Minnesota Daily Alumni Association seeks to reconnect with alums

Anthony Maggio
For Murphy Reporter

If you've been away from The Minnesota Daily for more than a decade, you might remember a time when the Minnesota Daily Alumni Association published a newsletter to help alumni connect with the newspaper that initiated their careers and many lifelong relationships.

I'm proud to announce the newsletter is back. The inaugural Beyond the Daily was distributed Nov. 1 via e-mail and can be found at www.mndailyalumni.com. New editions every quarter will include updates on the endeavors of Daily alumni, mentorship oppor-tunities, networking resources and event details.

The newsletter is part of a renewed mission to build an alumni community that helps support the professional aspirations of past, present and future Daily employees. The ongoing improvements stem from organizational structural changes developed by former association president, Michelle Fure, which were implemented this fall.

Now at full capacity, the MDAA board of directors is driven to accomplish two main objectives for 2010-2011: consistent communication with alumni and reaching the broader Daily community.

I have firsthand knowledge of the board's past failure to communicate consistently, if at all, and more recently, its sporadic correspondence. I apologize if you felt ignored or simply didn't know the MDAA existed. Admittedly, the board lacked the solid organizational base needed to accomplish even small tasks. Now, it's prepared to tackle the goal of cultivating a robust group of Daily alumni unified by past experience, current philanthropy and the future success of today's student-employees who are working to sustain the Daily's good name and quality—just as you left it.

We board members want to reconnect you professionally and socially with the Daily, campus and your peers. We want to use your experiences to mentor students, speak at career sessions and offer invaluable professional guidance. We hope to gather at homecoming parades, be merry at pub crawls, network with students nearing graduation and celebrate each spring at our MDAA Annual Mixer.

This year's MDAA Annual Mixer will be held the evening of April 16 at TCF Bank Stadium's Indoor Club Room. This fun event offers alumni and students the chance to mingle, reconnect and network over tasty food and drinks, and more—including a stadium tour! Purchase tickets through the MDAA website or contact me at amaggio17@gmail.com.

Connect with the MDAA by submitting your contact information to boardmember@mn-dailyalumni.com and by joining us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. These steps will ensure you receive MDAA communications, including Beyond the Daily, mentorship details, presentation opportunities and invitations to events.

I welcome your comments, critiques or suggestions on how to make the MDAA a more productive and successful institution. Each member of the board is excited about the future of the MDAA—I hope you're excited to reconnect with us. Anthony Maggio is president of the Minnesota Daily Alumni Association. He works as a Mystic Lake Casino Hotel copywriter and FoxSportsNorth.com reporter covering the Minnesota Twins and Minnesota Timberwolves. Maggio was a Minnesota Daily sports reporter from 2001 to 2003.



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