Through the years


MJC officially is launched. Fred Friendly, Edward R. Murrow professor from Columbia University, spoke to a standing room-only crowd of more than 500 people for his lecture, "The Media -- Message, Mediator, Monster."


American Association of Advertising Agencies: Institute of Advanced Advertising Studies - Twin Cities advertising professionals returned to school in Murphy Hall for a 17-week program covering industry topics.

The MJC is named the institutional home of the Frank Premack Public Affairs Journalism Awards competition and program. The Premack Awards would later develop into the premier recognition of the work of public affairs journalists in the state and
become the "Minnesota Pulitzer."


Intellectual Life in the Soviet Union: A Look at Contemporary Soviet Culture

SJMC Director F. Gerald Kline moderated "The Communication of Political Symbolism" program, which explored the Soviet Union's mass media.

Betty Rollin and Jane Brody

Shift Modes: You and the New Technology seminar was co-sponsored with the National Federation of Press Women and featured Betty Rollin, ABC News Nightline orrespondent and author of "First, You Cry," and Jane Brody, personal health columnist for The New York Times.

Economics and Media Management Lecture Series produced five events from 1982 through 1983 and featured top executives from Knight-Ridder Newspapers, Inc., the Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post.


Visual Communication 25th anniversary celebration


MJC held "Working More Effectively with Your Creative Employees: Goals and Strategies for Media Managers" and "Targets of the Media Talk Back."


Professional Writing Conference This workshop was one of the earliest professional develop-ment outreach efforts for the center and was co-sponsored with the Society of Professional Journalists, the Minnesota Newspaper Foundation and the National Conference of Editorial Writers.



Fifteen reporters from newspapers and television stations throughout Minnesota gathered in Minneapolis Nov. 15 for the MJC-sponsored workshop "Concerning Schools: The Legislative Agenda." The event included Minnesota's education commissioner, an expert from the university's Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs and a Wisconsin legislator, who discussed education reform.


Norman Orenstein, university alumnus and American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research resident scholar, addressed the ramifications of the 1994 elections at the 18th Frank Premack Memorial Lecture and Awards program.


Overuse of anonymous sources and growth of the "punditocracy" undermine journalism and democracy, said David Broder, nationally syndicated Washington Post columnist. Broder made the remarks during his Premack Lecture keynote address.


Kathleen Hansen was named the new director for the MJC.

The first of three workshops titled "A Conversation Among Crafts" brought together journalists and other professionals to talk about common skills in interviewing, investigating and visualizing information. The interviewing conversation featured Ray Suarez, host of National Public Radio's "Talk of the Nation."


To Whom are Journalists Accountable?

"To Whom Are Journalists Accountable?" was a daylong discussion for the National Forum on Media Accountability, sponsored with the Washington, D.C.-based Committee of Concerned Journalists and Minnesota media organizations.

Creating Your Own Assignments: Enterprise Photo-journalism More than 50 regional photojournalists attended this workshop where SJMC alumnus Annie Griffiths Belt and Brad Clift presented.


The James K. Batten Symposium and Awards for Excellence in Civic Journalism, co-sponsored with the D.C.-based Pew Center for Civic Journalism and Minnesota media organizations, were presented in the Twin Cities.

The new millennium: 2000-2010


Alan Greenspan

"Supply, Demand and Deadlines: A Workshop on Economics for Journalists" was launched with the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. The inaugural offering, held at the Wye Conference Center in Maryland, featured an off-the-record conversation between then-Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan and 20 of the nation's top economic journalists.

Visiting lecturer/professor in residence Jon Katz spent October at the SJMC following publication of his book, "Geeks." His course on culture and technology titled "Mary Shelley, Frankenstein and the Unabomber" drew students from around the university.


Terror! Media Coverage of Sept. 11 and the Aftermath

Following in the wake of the terrorism attacks, the Twin Cities journalism community discussed the events' effects on local and national media at a public forum.

Journalism and Bioterrorism

The MJC hosted news organizations and health and safety officials following 9/11 for discussion on the ethical and accuracy issues of reporting on bioterrorism.

Full Court Press: A Sportswriting Seminar and Scholarship Program

MJC broke new ground with the U.S. Basketball Writers Association during the Final Four when it held a student journalism workshop for aspiring sportswriters. An added incentive was a $1,000 scholarship from the USBWA for each of six students. This event put the wheels in motion for more journalism workshops at future Final Four sites.


The Frank Premack Public Affairs Journalism Awards competition celebrated 25 years.


MJC co-sponsored two workshops with the American Press Institute's Reynolds Center for Business Reporting that provided regional journalists with skills and strategies for covering important business stories.


The first of two annual workshops co-sponsored by the MJC and the university's Ecosystem Science and Sustainability Initiative. The first workshop was titled "Feeding Ourselves in the Future: A Journalist's Workshop on the Science and Policy of Food."


The MJC co-sponsored "The Obama Effect," a conference organized by SJMC Professor Catherine Squires to reflect on the effects of the soon-to-be-elected president's campaign on race, gender and class issues in America.


The MJC co-sponsored "New Economic Models for the News Industry" with the national Newspaper Guild. Speakers included the president of the Newspaper Association of America, Guild representatives and legal/regulatory experts exploring new models for generating revenue in the news industry.


See Change conference

The MJC, the SJMC and the Minnesota Chapter of AIGA held the first "See Change: The Power of Visual Communication" conference to bring creative professionals together to share thoughts and inspirations about visual communication.



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