Minnesota Daily Update

In the administrative division, we try to find ways of improving The Minnesota Daily, inside and out. Fall semester, we worked toward that goal by undertaking a wide array of projects from philanthropy to employee development in each department.

Digital tools are reshaping the ways that the newspaper industry operates, and this includes the Daily. Our online and information systems departments strive to keep up with change and give our staff members the resources they need to tell a more engaging story. We updated our online story budget and constantly work to make our website more dynamic and easier to use.

Minnesota Daily Leadership
From left, Christian Santacana, business operations manager; Thomas Johnson, chairman of the board; and Devin Henry, editor-in-chief.

In such a difficult job market—especially for journalists—our human resources department has worked aggressively to connect our staff members with work opportunities in the professional world and to provide the training necessary to be competitive. HR also has been hard at work providing more opportunities for Daily employees to interact across departments through events and our internal newsletter, the Daily Insider.

The most recent adoptee of the administrative division, the marketing and communications department, developed its approach to marketing and outreach to include business promotions, recruitment and philanthropy. We've made efforts to set up programs directed at prospective writers in high schools and we are working with other campus organizations on an ambitious project to address sexual assault at the U.

-- Thomas Johnson, chairman of the board

The Minnesota Daily and its journalists won 15 first place awards and seven second place awards in the Minnesota Newspaper Association's 2009-2010 Better Newspapers Contest. The awards were presented in January.

Business update

We at the business division worked hard during the fall undertaking initiatives and managing daily operations. If you haven't heard, we launched the new mndailydeal.com website. Mndailydeal.com offers a great deal every day, Monday through Friday, for the University of Minnesota community. Coupons offered range from 50 percent to 90 percent off on restaurants, retail stores, activities and more. Check it out and visit the Daily Facebook and Twitter pages. Also during the fall semester, we introduced the new Bar and Beer Guide with information on local bars to visit and beers to try. Keep your eye open for those Daily deals and any new special issues coming out.

-- Christian Santacana, business operations manager

Editorial update

During the fall semester, the editorial division focused on putting out the strongest newspaper among college newspapers. We ran at least one long-form project story every week, focusing on topics such as first-year students' first weeks on campus, issues in the Somali community and what it's like to spend an evening at the Dinkytown McDonald's. We followed the biggest stories at the University of Minnesota for the semester, such as the controversy surrounding the "Troubled Waters" documentary, the crimes reported at university fraternities and the struggles of the Golden Gophers football team.

We put a greater focus on our online product. The newsroom now is tasked with updating mndaily.com on a daily basis, ensuring we have coverage of breaking news stories that affect the university community. The Daily offers a cadre of blogs, many of which are updated every day. We put a greater emphasis on multimedia content, too. The Daily's produced some great video reports and photo slideshows. If you haven't checked out mndaily.com, now's the time.

While the editorial division is fully staffed, there are opportunities to get involved. If you want to work at the Daily or create freelance content, get in touch with me. We're always happy to get more people involved.

Thank you, and thanks for reading the Daily!

-- Devin Henry, editor-in-chief



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