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A Fresh Start

Part of my hope for the future rests on the conviction that, even in a scarcity economy, the department can be propelled forward by a fluid, adaptable vision instead of being driven by cost-saving strategies.

RiCAP Recap

Under this initiative, we are seeking to develop collaborative productions with community arts and cultural organizations for which our students will receive credit towards graduation and extensive mentoring by professional artists.

An interview with Ananya Chatterjea and Nora Jenneman.

Charles Nolte: A Memorial

Thus, there is a memory of my conversation with Charles about the American regional theatre. He was an incredible interlocutor, posing questions and forcing me to keep explaining myself to him. We often had different views about the nature and function of the arts; however, no matter where we ended up, the conversation was always enriching.

H. Lee Adey, 1928 - 2010

The picture I will always carry of Lee is the gleeful rubbing of his hands together at the start—the start of a rehearsal, the start of shop time, the start of class, even the start of a meeting. He was just eager to get going—and relished the adventure he was going to share with all the rest of us!

BA in Theatre Performance

A year review of the Theatre Performance Program.

UofM/Guthrie Theater BFA Actor Training Program

A year review of the UofM/Guthrie Theater BFA Actor Training Program.

Dance Program

A year review of the Dance Program.

MFA Program in Theatre Design and Technology

A year review of the MFA Program in Theatre Design and Technology.

MA PHD Program in Theatre Historiography

A year review of the MA PHD Program in Theatre Historiography.

Interview with Kalere Payton (MFA in Design, 2009) and Annie Katsura Rollins (MFA in Design, 2010).

Producing Director Thomas Proehl: a Memorial

An interview with Thomas Proehl.

About the X

A year review of the X.

Thanks again to all of you who support the Department of Theatre Arts and Dance students and faculty through your gifts to the annual fund and our endowed funds.

2002 English and Physics summa cum laude graduate Sam Kean wrote a bestseller in his first try, the lively 2010 nonfiction work The Disappearing Spoon: And Other True Tales of Madness, Love, and the History of the Periodic Table of the Elements (Little, Brown & Company).



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