Faculty News & Awards

History faculty members continually contribute new research, from award-winning books to performance texts. Here are a few highlights from the past year.

IMG_7023xsm.jpgAssociate Professor Giancarlo Casale was a finalist for the Cundill Prize. He was among three authors shortlisted for the 2010 prize, and as a finalist he received the "Recognition of Excellence" $10,000 prize for his book The Ottoman Age of Exploration.

The short list of three books was chosen from 181 eligible entries submitted to the prize representing some 85 publishing houses from around the world. The Cundill Prize is administered by McGill University in Montreal. Jury member Adam Gopnik said about Giancarlo's book and the shortlist:

"Giancarlo Casale's The Ottoman Age Of Exploration gives us much news about the spread and nature of Ottoman seafaring missions and asks us to see the Turkish, Muslim Empire not as some strange "Other" but as one more of the competing and trading nations of the period, in constant exchange and dialogue with the West. All three books do exactly what we think history ought to do: re-open worlds lost to time, while distinguishing morality from moralism, and memory from myth."

IMG_7131xsm.jpgProfessor Gary Cohen has been named a corresponding member of the Oesterreichesche Akademie der Wissenschaften, aka Austrian Academy of Sciences, Historical-Philosophical Section. As a learned society, the Academy contributes decisively to assuring a highly competitive Austrian research, advising decision-makers in politics, business, and society on science-related issues while informing the interested public about major scientific discoveries. The Academy's members support this process by making their broad range of expertise available for the Academy's activities.

IMG_0158-2xsm.jpgAssociate Professor Tracey Deutsch won the prize for the best book of 2010 awarded by the Association for the Study of Food and Society, for her book, Building a Housewife's Paradise: Gender, Politics, and American Grocery Stores in the Twentieth Century (University of North Carolina Press).

IMG_7288_correctedXSm.jpgAssociate Professor Erika Lee's book Angel Island: Immigrant Gateway to America was among 21 nonfiction books named Best of 2010 by the San Francisco Chronicle. It also won the Caughey Western History Prize for the best book of the year in Western History (awarded by the Western History Association.)

MizunoHiromiXS.jpgAssociate Professor Hiromi Mizuno received the 2009 Outstanding Academic Title Award from the American Library Association and its journal CHOICE for her book Science for the Empire: Scientific Nationalism in Modern Japan (Stanford University Press). This study examines the discourse of science in Japan from the 1920s to the 1940s in relation to nationalism and imperialism. A key question is, how did Japan, with Shinto creation mythology at the absolute core of its national identity, come to promote the advancement of science and technology?

IMG_0354xsm.jpgAssociate Professor Kevin Murphy and members of the Twin Cities GLBT Oral History Project published Queer Twin Cities (U of Minnesota Press).

WaltnerAnn_2011xsm.jpgProfessor Ann Waltner wrote the text and performed "The Map and Music of Matteo Ricci" at the China National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing last December with Indiana University's Sacabuche! early music ensemble. "The Map and Music of Matteo Ricci" is a multimedia performance reanimating the pivotal cultural exchange between Italian Jesuits and Chinese literati in 17th century China. Ann also presented a lecture-demonstration regarding the map, music, and creative process at the National Centre for the Performing Arts the day before the premiere.



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