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Denis Johnson Is Spring Freier Lecturer

Novelist Denis Johnson will give the 23rd Esther Freier Endowed Lecture at 7:30 pm, April 11, 2012, at Coffman Union Theater.

New Pages

A wealth of books from faculty and alumnae/i published 2010-11.

'Riding the Bus' to a new passion

Jaime Lilleodden's internship at the Shakopee women's prison provided her a unique experience and a newfound career path.

Conditioned Fear

Antonia Kaczkurkin's dissertation examines the generalization of conditioned fear in veterans with PTSD.


As the holiday season approaches and the Twin Cities strings up its lights, English has plenty of dazzle to contribute to the festivities.

Nabil Matar Wants to Change History

Professor of English Nabil Matar's research in Anglo-Islamic relations offers a different perspective on the early modern world--and hope for the present day.

Whimsy & the Void

Professor of English Maria Damon examines the weave of experimental play and trauma in art-making.

Beowulf & Graduate Scholarship at Minnesota

What does an Old English poem have to do with English at Minnesota? Director of Graduate Studies Katherine Scheil tells the story.

Force & Form

MFA candidate Carrie Lorig interviews new assistant professor of poetry Peter Campion, a 2011 Guggenheim Fellow.


A former community college student herself, alumna Susan Taylor expands creative writing opportunities at the two-year college level.

Gown & Crown

MFA candidate Carrie Lorig poses five questions for Minnesota's poet laureate (and English alumna) Joyce Sutphen.

Faculty News

Dissertations Awarded 2010-11

PhD Student News

PhD Alumnae/i News

BA Scholarships and Awards

BA Alumnae/i News

Adventures in Fiction: Peter Geye

BA graduates Peter Geye (BA 2000), Sheila O'Connor (BA 1982), and Susan Niz (BA 1997), novelists at different stages in their careers, reflect on the people and places that led them to their stories.

Adventures in Fiction: Sheila O'Connor

Adventures in Fiction: Susan Niz

Book of Hours

PhD candidate Elissa Hansen ponders medieval time.

Mean Time

Adam Barrows (PhD 2006) explores the significance of the introduction of a global standard time in modernist writing.

MFA Alumnae/i News

MFA Student Awards

MFA Student News



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