Dissertations Awarded 2010-11

Sara Cohen, "Medical Screening: Medical Imag(in)ing, the Body, and the Self." (Advisers: Rabinowitz and Craig)

Ryan Cox, "Premonition of a future line we will be writing: Politics, Language and Identity in Experimental English Canadian Poetry." (Adviser: Rabinowitz)

Nicholas Hengen, "Texts as Tactics: How People Practice Politics with Books." (Adviser: Brennan)

Christopher Kamerbeek, "The Ghost and the Corpse: Figuring the Mind/Brain Complex at the Turn of the Twentieth Century." (Adviser: Rabinowitz)

Jessica Knight, "Autobiography and the Making of Modernist Multiculturalism." (Advisor: Rabinowitz)

Kevin Riordan, "The Time Machine and the Ghost: Attending to Life-and-Death in Literature, Cinema, and Theater." (Adviser: Mowitt)

Sharin Schroeder, "Non-Consensus Realities: Fantasy and the Child in Victorian Religious Debates." (Adviser: Goldberg)

Rebecca Weaver, "The Urgency of Community: The Suturing of Poetic Ideology During the Early Years of the Loft and the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics." (Adviser: Damon)

Laura Zebuhr, "The New Work of Friendship: Antebellum American Literature, Democracy, Impossibility." (Adviser: Ismail)



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