CLA recognizes Alumni of Notable Achievement for 2012

On March 29, 2012, the College honored 14 alumni who have made remarkable contributions or attained significant achievements in their fields.

Back row, L to R: John C. Pierce; Doug Gorence; Harvey H. Zuckman; Steve H. Bickel; Greg J. Pulles; Perry A. Witkin

Front row, L to R: Deb L. Redmond; Mark T. Fitzpatrick; Tony J. Bianco, III; Sharon Rice Vaughan; Alan Bjerga; Sugith Varughese

Not pictured, Ray Foley and Kathy Tunheim

The CLA Alumni of Notable Achievement (ANA) program was created in 1994 as part of CLA's 125th anniversary to celebrate and honor the significant achievements and contributions of college alumni. All ANA honorees have been nominated by CLA alumni, faculty, and staff.

Of the College's 120,000 living graduates, approximately 1,300 have been selected as recipients. By honoring its alumni, CLA recognizes and celebrates not only their singular accomplishments but also the collective depth and breadth of their interests, talents, career paths and achievements in all sectors of society.

See a list of all CLA Alumni of Notable Achievment.

  • Anthony "Tony" J. Bianco, III (B.A. '76, humanities), venerated journalist, author, and nationally recognized expert in business matters

  • Steven "Steve" H. Bickel (B.A. '72, journalism), successful producer and film industry marketing leader

  • Alan Bjerga (M.A. '98, mass communication), leader in the field of journalism and respected agricultural policy reporter

  • Mark T. Fitzpatrick (B.A. '76, international relations), international expert on global security and nuclear proliferation

  • Raymond "Ray" W. Foley (B.A. '48), exemplar of advertising, public relations, corporate and community leadership

  • Douglas "Doug" A. Gorence (B.S. '77, economics), respected financial analyst and investor

  • Gregory "Greg" J. Pulles (B.A. '70, economics; J.D. '73), admired attorney, corporate leader, and community volunteer

  • John C. Pierce (M.A. '76, Ph.D. '69, political science), esteemed scholar and higher education leader

  • Deborah "Deb" L. Redmond (B.A. '78, M.A '80, speech communication), respected professor and champion of the study of film-making

  • Kathryn "Kathy" H. Tunheim (B.A. '79, political science), accomplished public relations expert and consummate community volunteer

  • Sugith Varughese (B.A. '78, theatre), award-winning actor, writer, and director and esteemed professor

  • Sharon Rice Vaughan (B.A. '69, sociology; M.A. '94, American studies), national pioneer in advocacy and care for victims of domestic violence

  • Perry A. Witkin (B.A. '78, M.H.A. '82), innovator in the medical device industry and disaster relief volunteer

  • Harvey H. Zuckman (Bachelor of Elected Studies '74), successful entrepreneur and social justice advocate



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