Dissertations Awarded 2011-12

Erik Carlson, "The Old English Language of Fear." (Adviser: Andrew Scheil)

Molly Gage, "Feverish Fragments and Dis-eased Desire: The Archive as Fiction." (Adviser: Paula Rabinowitz)

Elizabeth Hansen, "Temporality in Fourteenth-Century English Contemplative Writing." (Adviser: Rebecca Krug)

Kelly Hulander, "Suffering Sisters: Fellowship and the Body in British New Woman and Socialist Novels." (Adviser: Donald Ross)

Jessica Knight, "Autobiography and the Making of Modernist Multiculturalism." (Adviser: Paula Rabinowitz)

Joshua Mabie, "Modern American Pilgrims: Dwelling and Religious Travel in the Lives and Works of Herman Melville and T.S. Eliot." (Adviser: Dan Philippon)

Lucia Pawlowski, "High Theory, the Teaching of Writing, and the Crisis of the University." (Adviser: Geoff Sirc)

Anne Roth-Reinhardt, "Frayed Homespun: Colonial Clothing and Literary Revision in Melville, Sedgwick, and Hawthorne." (Adviser: Edward Griffin)

John Sievers, "Silencing the Sirens: Patronage and the New World in Spenser, Daniel, and Shakespeare." (Adviser: John Watkins)



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