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Support When It Counts: Graduate Fellowships

Profiles of three fellowships and the donors who made them possible.

Thanks Giving

We celebrate our our award-winning faculty, students, and alumni--and also the donors who support our students across generations.

Nuruddin Farah: Staging Ground

Somali novelist Nuruddin Farah finishes up three autumns with English as the CLA Winton Chair.

In Remembrance: Kent Bales

Professor Emeritus Kent Bales, scholar of American literature and respected administrator, died October 8, 2012.

In Remembrance: Margery Durham

Professor Emerita Margery Durham, scholar of Victorian literature and co-founder of the Nineteenth Century Subfield in English, died September 23, 2012.

In Remembrance: Norman Fruman

Professor Emeritus Norman Fruman, scholar of Coleridge and Wordsworth, and erstwhile comic book writer, died April 19, 2012.

New Pages

A harvest of books from faculty and alumnae/i published 2011-2012.

Alum Stories: A Bountiful Harvest

Amanda Coplin (MFA 2006), whose debut novel hit the bestseller charts, talks about her grandfather the orchardist, writing about violence, and being "steeped in a task."

Paula Rabinowitz: A Clothes Collaboration

Professor Paula Rabinowitz collaborates with Italian professor Cristina Giorcelli on a four-volume, English-language series about the cultural, social, and political meanings of clothing and accesssories.

Katherine Scheil: Women's Shakespeare

Professor Katherine Scheil overturns traditional views of Shakespeare readers in America with her new book about 19th-century women's Shakespeare clubs.

Julie Schumacher: Tales of an 11th Grade Monster

Professor Julie Schumacher's fifth novel for younger readers imagines a clumsily destructive creature trying to figure out who she is.

Alum Stories: Reconstructing a Library of One's Own

Sarah Wadsworth (PhD 2000), Associate Professor at Marquette University, helps recover the story of a 8000-volume exhibit of women's writing at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair.

Alum Stories: English & Integrative Design

BA alumnus and urban designer Bob Close finds the English skill set--reading, comprehension, synthesis, invention, and written presentation--essential for the challenges of the 21st century.



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