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Faculty News

News about publications, lectures, and awards from English faculty.

MFA News

News about publications and awards from MFA candidates and alumnae/i.

Noland Fellowship Grants "Invaluable Time" to Discover

After a long and successful career as an advertising creative, Richard F. Noland gifted the Department of English with a new graduate fellowship fund. Why? As his wife Jane describes, "Without knowledge of the themes and allusions of literature, Dick felt we would lose our commonality."

New Pages

Feeling nostalgic for fall required reading? Dig into this list of new publications from English faculty, alumni, and even students--including a novel about a mermaid, a short story about a Civil War submarine, a memoir of a premature birth, and a study of alliterative romances of the mid-fourteenth century.

What We're Reading: Patricia Hampl

From Munro to cooking magazines: Regents Professor Hampl describes her recent reading adventures.

Elaine Auyoung: Worlds Beyond the Page

New Assistant Professor Elaine Auyoung submits to our 5 X Friday series of questions, revealing her fascination with 19th-century novels (aka "loose baggy monsters") and eucalyptus trees.

Sophie Liu (PhD '13): A Story Like No Other

A doctoral candidate who put her studies aside in the 1980s to become a lauded Minnesota theater performer and activist died last winter at age 60--but not before completing the short story collection that would earn her, at long last, her PhD.

CLA Event Highlights

See a list of all upcoming CLA events--performances, lectures, and programs

We are Liberal Arts

Over the summer, CLA's LinkedIn group reached 5,000 members. To celebrate CLA alumni professionals who have joined this popular online community, we would like to introduce some of them to you.

Survey to compare lives and careers of arts graduates

A potter uses a loop tool while shaping a pot on a potter's wheelThe University of Minnesota College of Liberal Arts and College of Design are participating in the 2013 Strategic National Arts Alumni Project (SNAAP)--a one-of-a-kind survey that explores the lives of arts & design alumni nationwide.

An update on CLA's dean search

Raymond Morse-Alumni Distinguished Teaching Professor of Political Science Raymond "Bud" Duvall is serving as interim dean of the College of Liberal Arts as we search for a permanent dean.

Homecoming 2013

Festivities for Homecoming 2013 run September 22 - 28. Come to campus for the Homecoming Parade and Ski-U-Mania! The College of Liberal Arts is marching in the Homecoming Parade again this year, and we'll be having a pre-parade gathering.

Participate in a leisure interest study

Photo: A man hiking in the woods during autumn wearing a backpackWhat is the relationship among leisure interests and personality, values, motivations, and vocational interests?

U of MN Department of Psychology professor (and CLA alumna) Jo-Ida invites you to participate in a research project she is conducting to explore that question. You will complete a series of online assessments at your convenience. To thank you for participating, you will receive a profile of your leisure interest scale scores.



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