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Remembering Roland A. Delattre

The late professor was not your typical American studies academic

By David D. Hall

David Noble on His Career

"I think of teaching as a kind of jazz performance..."

Q&A with Kate Tyler

Professor Carol Miller to Retire

"She routinely draws students into the palm of her hand..."

by Riv Ellen Prell

Reclaiming History

A model of the engaged scholar, Brenda Child works to expand the meaning of historic preservation in Minnesota.

Picturing America

By Kate Tyler

Studying a century of American moviemaking, Lary May probes the links between pop culture and national politics.

Happy to be Here

One tends toward land, one toward sea. Meet our two newest faculty members.

All in a Day's Work

By Kate Tyler

Jennifer Pierce ventures directly into the workplace to explore intriguing puzzles about in equality.

Global Movements

By Kate Tyler

Partnering with Mayan migrants on the Yucatán Peninsula, Bianet Castellanos probes the implications of the new global economy.



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