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Transforming Teaching in a Digital Age

Alumna Sharon Leon uses technology to engage young history students

Sharon M. Leon, Ph.D. ’04

Travel Writing and American Ideas of Mexico

Grad student Jason Ruiz examines early travel discourse

By Jason Ruiz, Ph.D. ’08

The Lingering Effects of War

By John Kinder

How do wounded soldiers shape Americans’ views of their nation and themselves?

Historical Narrative

By Tiya Miles

How does an American studies scholar come to write an historical novel about an Afro-Cherokee family?

Reimagining Community

By Joseph Bauerkemper

In American Indian literatures, Joseph Bauerkemper finds new images of nationhood.

Finding Meaning in the Classroom

By Jim Curran

Jim Curran left a budding business career to become a schoolteacher

Confronting History in Africa

By Karen Murphy

In the aftermath of genocide in Rwanda, Karen Murphy helps teachers and students move forward by understanding the past.



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