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The Time Symposium

"Humans through Deep Time: Archaeology and the Pace of Change" was the title of a two-day symposium organized by the Department of Anthropology and held in the Cowles Auditorium in the Humphrey Center, March 13–14, 2008.

Q&A Peter Harle: Undergraduate Advisor

We sat down with Peter Harle, the Department of Anthropology’s undergraduate adviser, to learn more about the undergraduate program, resources available to students, and a little about the man behind-the-scenes.

Paleo Picnic

Each year the department hosts the Paleo picnic in conjunction with Dr. Martha Tappen’s Skeletal Materials for Archaeologists course. The picnic is a chance for students interested in Paleolithic lifeways to experience, first hand, animal butchery with stone tools much the way our Paleolithic ancestors did. After butchery, the meat is cooked and shared amongst the participants and the animal bones cleaned and incorporated into the department’s zooarchaeological teaching collection.

Emerging Digerati

In April, the EAL provided a behind the scenes tour of our three-dimensional modeling equipment. The Institute for New Media Studies invited anthropology faculty to discuss their research as part of Emerging Digerati Week, a series showcasing high-tech research at the University.

Elliot Park Neighborhood Archaeology Project

Students use ground-penetrating radar to map the 1010 Park site on the first day of the 2007 Elliot Park Neighborhood Archaeology Project in downtown Minneapolis. Volunteers shovel testing in the background found a late 19th century trash pit and a mid-20th century pair of hand-sewn pants.



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