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Undergraduate Profile: Hans Johnson

Hans Johnson co-founded the Maasai Cultural Foundation, a nonprofit organization, with his Maasai friend
Simon Saitoti in 2005 after having traveled to Kenya over the previous five years documenting Maasai music and oral histories.

Undergraduate Student Profiles: Chris Winger

Chris Winger undertook a project to conserve, document, and research a collection of about thirty iron artifacts held by the department. The collection consists of swords, spear points, belt fittings, and other utilitarian objects. The department acquired these artifacts in the early 1930s through an expedition conducted by Professor Albert Jenks. The artifacts were inadequately documented by Jenks and sat in
storage for over seventy years in a very poor state of conservation. In 2006, the artifacts were brought out of storage and Winger began a project to properly conserve and catalog these objects.

The Anthropology Club

The Undergraduate Anthropology Club seeks to provide undergraduates at the University of Minnesota with the opportunity to explore the fields of anthropology beyond the classroom setting. The club also serves as a resource for anthropology students, who can find information about classes, help with homework, and meet other students who share similar interests.



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