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Place Setting

In France, politeness is staging a comeback.

The Adventurer

Beth Uding Seizes Opportunities
by Andi McDaniel

Going off the Beaten Path

A little Norwegian can make a big difference. Just ask Jonathon Rusch.

by Emily Sohn

In a huge lecture hall, it can be easy for students to fade into the crowd while professors rhapsodize about abstract academics. But that scenario is no fun for anyone -- teachers or students. And passive listening rarely leads to a lifelong love of learning. Instead, psychology professors at the University find entertaining and unusual ways to engage their students, whether they are teaching a class of 20 or 200. Meet three professors who are inspiring students to learn -- and enjoying themselves in the process.

Examining underlying reasons why we vote how we vote.

You have watched the debates, pondered the issues, and endured more campaign commercials than you ever wanted to see. Even with all of those good-citizen factors in place, you don't have the full equation for the votes you will cast on Election Day. >>> An array of other variables play into voting. They all are about you.


by Deane Morrison

University of Minnesota psychologists are the best in sight -- finding answers to how we make sense of what we see

New & Noteworthy

Renaissance Student

By Helen West

Svetha Janumpalli combines economic wisdom, global studies savvy, and artistic talent in her quest to solve social problems in the developing world

New Graduate Focus in Evolutionary Anthropology

The Department of Anthropology is offering a new graduate focus with training and research opportunities
in the integrated areas of paleoanthropology and behavioral biology.

Faculty and Staff Awards

Faculty and Staff Awards for 2008

The Time Symposium

"Humans through Deep Time: Archaeology and the Pace of Change" was the title of a two-day symposium organized by the Department of Anthropology and held in the Cowles Auditorium in the Humphrey Center, March 13–14, 2008.

Remembering Daphne Berdahl

Daphne Berdahl was born on June 14, 1964, in Freiburg, Germany, to Robert and Margaret Berdahl. She
graduated from Oberlin College, earned her Ph.D. at the University of Chicago in 1995, and was a James Bryant Conant Fellow in German and European Studies at Harvard University. She joined the faculty of the University of Minnesota as an assistant professor of anthropology in 1997 and was granted tenure and promoted to associate professor in 2000. She was also a faculty member in the Institute for Global Studies at the University of Minnesota.



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