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Reflect, Detour, Find a Mentor

Portrait: Mary Finn ShapiroBy Mary Schafer

Alumna Mary Finn Shapiro’s Path Winds around her Humanities Background Continue reading…

Giving Back

Your Support Opens Doors for CSCL students

Guiding and Inspiring

Q&A with CSCL’S new undergraduate adviser, Jules Darg

Leaving the Comfort Zone

By Linda Shapiro

Undergraduate Scott Artley immerses himself in all CSCL has to offer

The Poetics of Cinema

By Linda Shapiro
Photo by Richard Anderson

Filmmaker Hisham Bizri turns everyday life into visual poetry with an emotional pulse.

Expanding Horizons

By Gayla Marty

New regents professor explores how music and art shape society and why they matter

Work is Play is Culture is Text...

By Linda Shapiro

Professor Robin Brown asks, “What questions aren’t you asking?"

Cultural Borderlands

By Emily Sohn

Through their research, teaching, and writing, CSCL Ph.D.s are transforming the society in which we live-locally, nationally, and globally

From the Chair



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