July 27, 2008

Reflect, Detour, Find a Mentor

Portrait: Mary Finn ShapiroBy Mary Schafer

Alumna Mary Finn Shapiro’s Path Winds around her Humanities Background Continue reading…

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July 23, 2008

Giving Back

Your Support Opens Doors for CSCL students

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Guiding and Inspiring

Q&A with CSCL’S new undergraduate adviser, Jules Darg

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Leaving the Comfort Zone

By Linda Shapiro

Undergraduate Scott Artley immerses himself in all CSCL has to offer

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The Poetics of Cinema

By Linda Shapiro
Photo by Richard Anderson

Filmmaker Hisham Bizri turns everyday life into visual poetry with an emotional pulse.

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Expanding Horizons

By Gayla Marty

New regents professor explores how music and art shape society and why they matter

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Work is Play is Culture is Text...

By Linda Shapiro

Professor Robin Brown asks, “What questions aren’t you asking?"

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Cultural Borderlands

By Emily Sohn

Through their research, teaching, and writing, CSCL Ph.D.s are transforming the society in which we live-locally, nationally, and globally

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From the Chair

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