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Persuasive Economics

Economics professor Itai Sher links game theory and communication

The long run

by Anne Krueger
Remembering the legacy of Jim Simler : 1921-2008


By Susie Eaton Hopper

Ayse Erdogan looks at international trade and the environment

Breadth and depth

By Linda Shapiro

Morton and Artice Silverman support students with ranging interests

Building a Bridge to Safety and Savings

By Susie Eaton Hopper

Dan Miller researches the economics of construction costs

The Boys from Belarus

By Douglas Clement

Best friends since high school are expanding the frontiers of economics

Renaissance Student

By Helen West

Svetha Janumpalli combines economic wisdom, global studies savvy, and artistic talent in her quest to solve social problems in the developing world

Genius at Work

By Douglas Clement

While creating mechanism design theory, the late Leo Hurwicz was also transforming the economics department

Growth Factors

By Douglas Clement

With new offices and faculty members, the Department of Economics is preparing for the future

Letter from the Chair

by Larry Jones

Making a Difference

By Lisa Thiegs

Rebecca Blank's undergraduate degree in economics from the U of M launched a career dedicated to social change

Cultural Crossings

By Lisa Thiegs

From Minneapolis to Mexico, father and son Don and Kurt Winkelmann have used their U of M economics education to gain global perspective



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