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Alumni Awards

Sealing the Deal

Litterman fellowship gives Ariel Zetylin-Jones a solid foothold for research and teaching

Investment Rule

By Mary Shafer

Doug Gorence turns conventional wisdom upside down

Finding Connections

By Thomas Lee

Undergraduate Elizabeth Dobis works and chills out at the crossroads of math, economic theory, and human behavior

Polygyny and the Global Economy

By Kate Tyler

Working at the intersection of economic and cultural practice in sub-Saharan Africa, Michele Tertilt discovers that investing in multiple wives is bad for economies

A Capital Investment

Portrait: Art RolnickBy Thomas Lee

What exactly is the public good? Art Rolnick has spent a career using economics to answer that question Continue reading…

Beyond Reason: How we really make decisions

By Edward Foster

When our decisions are irrational, neuroeconomist Al do Rustichini can help us understand why

Paving the Way

By Douglas Clement

After teaching at the nation's most elite schools , Professor Pat Bajari has come back home

Letter from the Chair

By Narayana Kocherlakota

It' been an exciting and busy year for our department



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