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By Susie Eaton Hopper

Ayse Erdogan looks at international trade and the environment

Building a Bridge to Safety and Savings

By Susie Eaton Hopper

Dan Miller researches the economics of construction costs

Putting Their Heads Together

By Elizabeth Hillberg

Working in collaboration has paid off for graduate students Ananth Ramanarayanan and Costas Arkolakis, whose ongoing research has already received accolades.

Standing on Shoulders

By Douglas Clement

Alice Schoonbroodt has "everything but regret" after entering the U's graduate program.

Sealing the Deal

Litterman fellowship gives Ariel Zetylin-Jones a solid foothold for research and teaching

Polygyny and the Global Economy

By Kate Tyler

Working at the intersection of economic and cultural practice in sub-Saharan Africa, Michele Tertilt discovers that investing in multiple wives is bad for economies



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