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Berlin and the Perimeters of Jewish Geography

By Leslie Morris

Colonial Fantasies, Imperialist Thinking

By Nicole Grewling

The Adventurer

Beth Uding Seizes Opportunities
by Andi McDaniel

What Can We Learn from History?

by Andi McDaniel

Collaboration without Borders

By James Pasternak

Beyond Blue Eyes

ZagarMonika_sm.jpgAsk the average American what Scandinavians look like, and you're bound to get an answer like this: "Tall, blond, blue eyes." But ask associate professor Monika Žagar that question, and she'll tell you a more complicated story. Continue Reading...

Jack Be Nimble

By Linda Shapiro

State of the (Language) Arts

Portrait: Beth KautzWith the aid of technological advances and expanding resources, language study at the University is advancing by leaps and megabytes. Continue Reading…

Berlin and the Perimeters of Jewish Geography

By Leslie Morris

Found Footage

By Scott Vignos
Professors of German, Chinese, and art meet at a coffee shop to discuss South African cinema of the early 1900s.



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