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Going off the Beaten Path

A little Norwegian can make a big difference. Just ask Jonathon Rusch.

Embracing the Mud and Dust of (Hi)stories

by Monika Moyrer on Mülleresque Realizations

CIS: The Next Generation

By Ginny Steinhagen

The Comeback Kid

by Lynn Argetsinger

Undergraduate James Imes is a model of perseverance in his pursuit of study-abroad experiences

The Accidental Student

By Helen West

Alumna Juanita Rice's path has been anything but prescribed

The Aesthetics of Terrorism

By Carrie Collenberg
Photo: submitted

Ph.D. candidate Carrie Collenberg argues that art and terror have an inescapable relationship
Shortly after 9/11, Karlheinz Stockhausen caused an international uproar by commenting that the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center were the greatest work of art in the cosmos.

Behind the Masquerade

by Anne Wallen

Ph.D. Candidate Anne Wallen Examines the Role of Masked Balls in 18th-Century GERMANY AND Scandinavia

Going Dutch

by Helen West

Dutch instructor Jenneke Oosterhoff uses the real world in language instruction

Kierkegaard on the Go

by Paul Houe

Professor Poul Houe reflects on Kierkegaard's practice of walking and talking and thinking

Lights, Action, Camera

by Sheila Eldred

German language students explore age-old questions of coexistence on stage

From the Chair



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