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He makes history as the first historian to hold that office.

She'll help guide transformational funding for college-bound Native American students.

As founding director of Institute for Advanced Study, she's changed the way we view collaboration across subjects and colleges.

Giancarlo Casale wins the Morse-Alumni Teaching Award

Students love him for his above-and-beyond approach to advising and teaching.

Allen Isaacman receives Distinguished Africanist Award

His scholarly work, particularly on Mozambique, has redefined how we know Africa.

Mellon Foundation Funds New Pre-modern Consortium

First-of-its-kind initiative aims to integrate research and teaching across periods, disciplines and institutions.

Faculty News and Awards

History faculty members continue to secure prestigious fellowships, produce new research, and win major awards for their scholarship and teaching. Here are a few recent highlights.

Faculty News & Awards

History faculty members continually contribute new research, from award-winning books to performance texts. Here are a few highlights from the past year.

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Outstanding Faculty Accomplishments

By Saje Mathieu

Q&A with Prof. John Howe

Cultural Kaleidoscope: Caesar Farah

By Kate Tyler
Writing on a laptop computer in the dining room of his suburban Minneapolis home, Middle East historian Caesar Farah sometimes finds his glance wandering to the curved dagger adorning a wall near the window. Sheathed in wood and crisscrossed with a woven brocade belt, the sword is a janbiyi, a traditional dagger worn by Yemeni men for centuries. It's rarely used as a weapon today, Farah notes. But for him it is an evocative reminder of the complex and often violent history of the Middle East, where ethno-religious conflict and epic struggles over oil, land, and power have pushed the region--and the entire world--to the dagger's edge of catastrophe.



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