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History faculty members continually contribute new research, from award-winning books to performance texts. Here are a few highlights from the past year.

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By Saje Mathieu

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Cultural Kaleidoscope: Caesar Farah

By Kate Tyler
Writing on a laptop computer in the dining room of his suburban Minneapolis home, Middle East historian Caesar Farah sometimes finds his glance wandering to the curved dagger adorning a wall near the window. Sheathed in wood and crisscrossed with a woven brocade belt, the sword is a janbiyi, a traditional dagger worn by Yemeni men for centuries. It's rarely used as a weapon today, Farah notes. But for him it is an evocative reminder of the complex and often violent history of the Middle East, where ethno-religious conflict and epic struggles over oil, land, and power have pushed the region--and the entire world--to the dagger's edge of catastrophe.

Riding the Waves of Change: Sara Evans

By Kate Tyler
As historian Sara Evans boxes up a lifetime of work on American social change, it's hard to imagine a better backdrop than the history-making presidential runs of Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama.

Many Paths Taken: David Good

No one’s eyebrows shot up more than David Good’s when the University of Minnesota tapped him to direct its Center for Austrian Studies (CAS). With his dossier trumpeting an M.B.A. in finance as well as an interdisciplinary history Ph.D., Good believed he’d be an unlikely choice to helm a center devoted heavily to Austrian historical and cultural studies.

by Kate Tyler

All in the Family

To be Theofanis Stavrou’s student is to join the Stavrou family. Professor Stavrou makes his south Minneapolis home a biweekly classroom.

by Jessica Breed

Embarrassment of Riches

When she arrived at the Immigration History Research Center (IHRC) as its new director in the fall of 2005, Donna Gabaccia felt a little overwhelmed by the riches that greeted her. But true to form, she was energized by what she found.

by Tim Brady

Builder and Innovator: Jean O'Brien

Jean O’Brien vividly remembers the moment she decided to become a historian. It was in the early 1970s, and O’Brien, then a young teenager, learned that the University of Minnesota had established the first-ever academic program in American Indian studies.

by Kate Tyler



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