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Dance Writing Feet First

danceSmall.jpgWelcome to Jour 4171, Covering the Arts: Dance Writing Demystified. We're in studio five, Northrop Memorial Auditorium, where Judith Brin Ingber is helping 13 aspiring dance critics to understand--from the floor up--how Martha Graham reinvented modern dance in the '30s.
By Dan Sullivan

Out of the classroom and into the newsroom

coverStories.jpgStudents become community journalists and an SJMC legacy grows with Brovald and Sim Community Journalism course.

by Kristen Anderson

alumnusKinney.jpgAudrey Kinney, the widow of SJMC alumnus James M. Kinney, recently made a generous $100,000 gift to establish the James M. and Audrey H. Kinney Scholarship. In addition, Kinney has designated the University of Minnesota as a beneficiary of her estate. The scholarship will support students interested in a career in community journalism.

by Jen Keavy

He Wrote the Book

by Dave Mona

Remembering Mitch

Of all the nicknames and sobriquets that might be attached to Mitchell Charnley (and he hated labels), Mr. Accuracy would have been as apt as any other. It was his professional obsession that a writer's first job is to get the facts right.

by Phil Tichenor

Transforming Minnesota and the world

The University of Minnesota is boldly moving forward with its goal to become one of the world's top three public research universities within the next decade--an institution with "a deep and abiding cultural commitment to excellence" in education and in the advancement of knowledge for the public good, as University president Robert Bruininks said in his 2007 State of the University address. Through its pioneering communications research, the SJMC is right in step with these strategic aspirations.

By Jen Keavy

By Natalie Johnson

The conversation about diversity takes on new intensity with the addition of the John and Elizabet h Bate s Cowles Professor of Journalism, Diversity and Equality to the SJMC faculty. This position will directly enhance the strategic plan of the SJMC and the University overall to build the nation’s pre-eminent program in communication education, research and practice.

The Undergraduate Experience

By Ami Berger

The SJMC is making its undergraduate curriculum one of the most dynamic and forward-thinking in the country. The result? Alumni who know how to make a difference in the real world.

By Ami Berger

SJMC’s award-winning student organizations are classrooms of their own, giving students a chance to learn from industry professionals and from each other.

By Ami Berger



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