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Letter from the Director

Portrait: Al TimsIn this Murphy Reporter, we report on the work of our National Student Advertising Competition Team (NSAC) solving an important and complex campaign challenge presented by the American Advertising Federation. The NSAC campaign process begins with a case study from a corporate sponsor and a real-world problem. Many campuses around North America make this part of a senior campaigns course, but not at Minnesota – students here take on this challenge as an extracurricular commitment. We provide a faculty adviser, but the achievement belongs entirely to the students.

The Other Hangover

Campaign Poster: Friendships aren't drunkproof.By Peggy J. Rader

An SJMC student ad campaign hones in on the social cost of binge drinking

Michelle Gross doesn't remember the exact details, but the School of Journalism and Mass Communication graduate student knows there was an electric moment when someone said, "That's it! The other hangover!"

I joined the National Student Advertising Competition team in fall 2008, hopeful it would provide me with a real-world advertising experience I desperately needed. Looking back, it trumped every expectation I ever had. Along the way, I've had the privilege of working with more than 30 talented NSAC students in generating the core insights that led to The Other Hangover, co-advised eight undergraduate students in implementing the campaign, and developed and led a large-scale quantitative campaign evaluation. To sum up my involvement with The Other Hangover as a "learning experience" would not encapsulate the impact or degree to which this project has strengthened me as a professional and individual.

As a Ph.D. student here in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, I was uncertain exactly what to think fall 2009 when I was asked if I would be willing to help manage a grant-funded project to implement and evaluate an advertising campaign designed by undergraduates.

I have had some professional experience as an account executive in advertising and public relations before starting graduate school, but managing an entire campaign was something I'd never done.

'Like Working in a True Newsroom'

By Amy Olson and Peggy J. Rader

Magazine Production Class Gives Writers and Editors Hands-On Experience

Misplaced commas, beware: Ellen Burkhardt's eagle eye will find you.

"I take great satisfaction in seeing a sentence go from dysfunctional to functional with the right punctuation," says Burkhardt, who began her job as an assistant editor at Minnesota Monthly magazine in November.

By Neal Karlen

Suppose "Murphy Hall" was a category on "Jeopardy!," the brain-busting quiz show that requires answers to be posed in the form of questions. The opening answer would be something easy:

"Murphy Hall for $200," says emcee Alex Trebek. "God."

Foreign journalists say they have a better appreciation of American life and the challenges United States media face following a weeklong visit to the Twin Cities.

The School of Journalism and Mass Communication played host to 21 journalists from East Asia and the Pacific region from Oct. 28 through Nov. 3. The visit was part of the fifth annual Edward R. Murrow Program for Journalists, sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, The Aspen Institute and 10 journalism schools including the SJMC.

Despite fluctuations in enrollment, the Professional Master of Arts in Strategic Communication program is gaining traction through the Twin Cities business community.

Now in its sixth year, the program seems to have gained a "critical mass" of graduates in the Twin Cities business community, which raised the program's visibility, says Gordon Leighton, program coordinator and lecturer.

Portrait: Attorney Paul SmithBy Patrick File

'Doctrine of obscenity' not applicable to violence, lawyer tells audience at 25th Silha lecture

Letter from the Director

timAlbert.jpgHardly a day passes when I'm not asked about the financial health of the School and the University. The uncertainty accompanying looming budget cuts seems to be on everyone's mind. President Robert Bruininks framed the budget climate in the starkest of terms: "The University currently faces a near-perfect storm--a severe economic recession with no evident policy solutions in sight, rising costs in several areas of the budget and growing resistance to tuition increases." 

Dance Writing Feet First

danceSmall.jpgWelcome to Jour 4171, Covering the Arts: Dance Writing Demystified. We're in studio five, Northrop Memorial Auditorium, where Judith Brin Ingber is helping 13 aspiring dance critics to understand--from the floor up--how Martha Graham reinvented modern dance in the '30s.
By Dan Sullivan

An initiative with a transformative impact

stratcommCM.jpgStrategic Communication M.A. program celebrates five years
It was 1997 and University of Minnesota leadership anticipated the seismic shift in communications, targeting new media as one of five academic initiatives for institutional investment.
By Jen Keavy



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