Recently in Summer 2005 Category

Celebrating the Future

The SJMC celebrates student and alumni achievement

Community Ties

By Amanda Rider

Award Winners Celebrated and American Politics Discussed at Premack Lecture

One Daily at a Time

The Daily, and editor-in-chief Jake Weyer, wrap up an award-winning year

Taking the Ad World by Storm

By Amanda Rider

Three promising SJMC alums have found promising career paths in the advertising world.

To Your Health

by Ami Berger

Four SJMC faculty explore the connections between health and communication--and how those connections affect the public's health and well-being.

The Undergraduate Experience

By Ami Berger

The SJMC is making its undergraduate curriculum one of the most dynamic and forward-thinking in the country. The result? Alumni who know how to make a difference in the real world.

In Memoriam

The SJMC says a sad farewell to Bob Jones, former director and Professor Emeritus...and other passages.

Alumni Notes

Development Update

By Mary Hicks

Student Updates

The first Star Tribune Scholars graduate...and more student news from the halls of Murphy Hall.

Faculty Updates

Recent awards, publications, presentations by SJMC faculty...and a few new faces coming to Murphy Hall.

Silha Center Update

By Andrew Deutsch

This spring, the Silha Center for the Study of Media Ethics and Law highlighted two topics very much in the news. The Silha Forum held in March focused on the rights of privacy in the digital age, and the April forum looked at the ethical and legal issues reporters face when dealing with confidential sources.



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