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Alumni Notes

Development Update

By Mary Hicks

Student Update

SJMC's students continue to win awards, grants, honors, and recognition for their work.

Faculty Update

Minnesota Daily Update

As the Daily prepares to move locations, the paper's 2005-06 leaders prepare for life after the Daily and look back over the year's challenges and accomplishments.

INMS Update: Reaching Around the Globe

By Karen Kloser

Institute for New Media Studies director Nora Paul puts the U on the media world map with lectures in Mexico City, Caracas, New Delhi, and Chandigarh for the World Press Institute.

Silha Center Update

By Elaine Hargrove and Penelope Sheets

The Silha Center's two Spring Forums examine media objectivity and e-mail privacy

Minnesota Journalism Center Update

By Rachel Johnson

The MJC's annual Premack Awards and Lecture celebrated Minnesota public affairs journalism and examined the media's coverage of Hurricane Katrina with guest speaker Michele Norris.

Spring Celebration 2006

By Ami Berger

The SJMC celebrates its scholars, donors, alumni, and 2006 graduates at a festive--and crowded!--Spring Celebration at McNamara Alumni Center.

Making News Across the Globe

By Ami Berger

The SJMC partners with the U.S. State Department on a new program to promote international understanding among journalists.

The Next Generation of Scholars

By Ami Berger

Graduate students in the SJMC's M.A. and Ph.D. programs are producing cutting-edge research on many of today's hot-button issues. They're also preparing to be leaders of the next generation of mass communication scholars.

Lessons from the Past: Historical Research

By Ami Berger

For three SJMC faculty, history helps define the future of mass communication



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