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Alumni Notes

In Memoriam

Development Update

By Mary Hicks

Murphy Hall: The place where careers - and lives - take off

Student Update

Faculty Update

INMS Update

By Karen Kloser and Nora Paul

The Institute for New Media Studies celebrates Knight Foundation grant and soon-to-be released Eyetracking Project research.

Silha Center Update

By Christopher Gorman

Silha Forum examines media coverage of tragedies

Minnesota Journalism Center Update

By Rachel Johnson

The MJC's annual Premack Awards and Lecture celebrated Minnesota public affairs journalism and launched a new program format focusing on current issues in public affairs reporting.

There are many reasons for the Minnesota Daily staff to be proud as they review their improvements and celebrate their accomplishments.

By Natalie Johnson

Any discussion about diversity would be incomplete without adding student voices tot the mix. Students throughout the SJMC are not only learning about the importance of diversity, but are engaged and working hard to make sure the dialogue remains interesting and meaningful.

Diverse Gifts

By Chris Ison

The Cowles family's commitment to racial and gender equality, combined with the power of the press, helped shape the course of history. This legacy, begun decades ago, lives on as a new generation continues to promote diversity and equality, and support journalism and journalism education.

By Rhoda Fukushima

Diversity is as close as a city bus or a college campus. Diversity is in the places we go and in the places we don't. Diversity is in how long we stay and how long we don't. Diversity invites us to come when we can and stay as long as possible.



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