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In the administrative division, we try to find ways of improving The Minnesota Daily, inside and out. Fall semester, we worked toward that goal by undertaking a wide array of projects from philanthropy to employee development in each department.

Digital tools are reshaping the ways that the newspaper industry operates, and this includes the Daily. Our online and information systems departments strive to keep up with change and give our staff members the resources they need to tell a more engaging story. We updated our online story budget and constantly work to make our website more dynamic and easier to use.

Anthony Maggio
For Murphy Reporter

If you've been away from The Minnesota Daily for more than a decade, you might remember a time when the Minnesota Daily Alumni Association published a newsletter to help alumni connect with the newspaper that initiated their careers and many lifelong relationships.

Building the Alumni Network from the Ground up

By Michelle (Kibiger) Fure, President

From the Office of the Publisher

EDITORIAL: Holly Miller
The editorial division of The Minnesota Daily is made up of the newsroom, the sports department, the arts & entertainment department, the editorials and opinions department, the multimedia department and the production staff, which includes copy desk and layout design. Our team of employees is responsible for writing content for the paper, editing the content, and shooting or creating visual elements like videos, photos, graphics and layout designs.

mnDaily092.jpgEditor's note: The SJMC is proud of The Minnesota Daily and its first place award for Best All-Around Daily Student Newspaper in the 2008 Society of Professional Journalists Mark of Excellence Awards, Region 6, presented in March at the Midwest Journalism Conference in Bloomington, Minn. The Daily also took home seven other first place spots in various categories, continuing its tradition of excellence.

Minnesota Daily Alumni Association Update

mnDailyAlum092.jpgby Michelle (Kibiger) Fure, President

The Minnesota Daily

New leadership takes helm at the Daily.

Award-winning NSAC team is the talk of the nation

Supporting the next generation

Minnesota Daily Alumni Association Update

By Eva Widder

Daily life at The Minnesota Daily

There are many reasons for the Minnesota Daily staff to be proud as they review their improvements and celebrate their accomplishments.

Minnesota Daily Update

As the Daily prepares to move locations, the paper's 2005-06 leaders prepare for life after the Daily and look back over the year's challenges and accomplishments.



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