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Documenting Progress at the Daily

Every fall, the Minnesota Daily reinvents itself as a new group of leaders take over the paper's Office of the Publisher. This year, that group includes President Justin Scott, Business Manager Melissa Lappin, and Editor-in-Chief Britt Johnsen.

MJC Update

The Minnesota Journalism Center hosted events this past semester with a local, national, and international flair.

In their own words: Senior year in the SJMC

When temperatures are freezing and snow covers the University's campus, it's hard to believe that spring--and graduation--is only a few short months away. As they get ready for their last semester in the SJMC, five seniors talk about their course work (challenging but satisfying), their interests (all over the place), their free time (what there is of it), and their futures (very bright).

All in the Family

The SJMC has been the collegiate home of five generations of students, and some of those students have watched their own children come through the corridors of Murphy Hall. Call it a "family thing."

Playing to Learn

Professor Kathleen Hansen and Institute for New Media Studies director Nora Paul are exploring the use of computer games as effective tools in the classroom.

In Memoriam

Alumni Notes

Development Update

By Mary Hicks

Student Update

The Star Tribune Scholars Program sees a big increase in funds...and more student news from Murphy Hall.

Faculty Update

Recent awards, publications, presentations, and other accolades from the faculty in the SJMC.

Silha Center Update

Floyd Abrams Delivers 20th Annual Silha Lecture



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