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Alumni Notes

Development Update

By Mary Hicks

Student Update

SJMC's students continue to win awards, grants, honors, and recognition for their work.

Faculty Update

Minnesota Daily Update

The Daily had a busy first semester, covering big news on campus (the University's new stadium) and off campus (the 2006 elections). The Office of the Publisher-- editor-in-chief Anna Weggel, business manager Scott Sailer, and administrative director Anna Leisa Sauser, also have big plans for the rest of their tenure, including expanding the Daily's web presence, updating the paper's technology, and fostering diversity.

INMS Update

The Institute for New Media Studies launches the year with a U-wide conference and the second phase of the Digital Storytelling Effects Lab.

Silha Center Update

Geoffrey Stone delivers 21st annual Silha Lecture: "The Freedom of the Press versus The National Security"

Minnesota Journalism Center Update

The Minnesota Journalism Center's outreach efforts took on some new dimensions this year, with programming for business journalists food writers, and the Korean Press Foundation.

Leading the Pack

By Ami Berger

The discipline of mass communication is evolving at light-speed, and graduates of the SJMC's doctoral program are leading that evolution.

By Ami Berger

Learning From the Pros: SJMC's Adjunct Instructors

By Ami Berger

Letter from the Director

By Albert R. Tims



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