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Opening Doors

When one door closes another one opens. The all too short life of Andrew Dickinson, Efimenco scholar and political science Ph.D. candidate, ended unexpectedly on April 24, 2006, but the impact he left on the department will live on thanks to the generosity of his family, friends, and colleagues.

Awards, Accolades & Updates

A wild guess

Alumnus N. Marbury Efimenco translates his political science degrees and a career in foreign service into a fellowship for international relations graduate students

Great Conversations

Traveling through his undergraduate experience, Tim Schuster picks up souvenirs in leadership, communication, and service.

Trials and Tribulations

Graduate student Jonneke Koomen investigates the global politics of human rights.
By Susie Eaton Hopper

Why did Gaul fall?

More than 2000 years ago, that brilliant politician Julius Caesar famously launched a chronicle of contemporary international relations with the observation that "Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres."

Having it all

Assistant Professor Kathryn Pearson on likelihoods of policy change

Letter from the Chair

I am very pleased to introduce the new format of PoliSci Connection, the magazine for friends and supporters of the University of Minnesota Political Science Department. Until now, PoliSci Connection was a departmental newsletter, capably managed by our undergraduate advisor, Rose Miskowiec. We have upgraded the newsletter to a magazine, now containing professionally written articles about the research and teaching of departmental personnel, as well as in-depth reports on select experiences of Political Science students.

Where Politics & Psychology Intersect

Perhaps you have a hard time giving up on the idea that political behavior is--or at least can be--based heavily on facts and ration-al processing of facts. But it's a hard conviction to maintain in the face of, well, established facts.



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